School Anthem


We are the Pointers
let’s show the way
Dauntless are we,
come whatever may
We are the Pointers…..

1st Stanza

Lofty in the mountains
Tall as the pine
There are we bred,
Where virtue shines

Chorus We are the Pointers……

2nd Stanza

Forever we strive
our aim is very high
Never through our lips
Escapes a sigh

Chorus We are the Pointers……

3rd Stanza

Never we give up
this is the battle.
We keep on climbing,
Never say die.

Chorus We are the Pointers……


School Prayer


O! Almighty God, we accept and worship you as Lord of all things, bless and protect us, our friends, our school, our teachers and all those who love and care for us. Help us with grace, always to remain, your children, healthy and pure, both in mind and body. Guide us along the right path, always thinking what is noble, speaking what is true, doing what is upright and kind. May we learn to love one another, our country, all men regardless of color, caste or creed and especially our less privileged brothers and sisters now and forever. Give us strength to uphold the prestige of our homes, society and country.

(End of day)

O! Almighty God, we thank you for all your kind help which you rendered us during the day. O God! If we failed in our duties, please forgive us.

Give us courage and strength to enable us to end the day in your praise and glory.


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