General Rules of Discipline

1. No act of indiscipline, in subordination, interference in the administration, disrespect to any teacher, and disrespect to any religion or community by any student shall be tolerated and the delinquent may even be expelled from the school.

2. To acquire greater ability in the study of English, only English should be spoken in the school premises.

3. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school justifies dismissal at anytime of the year unless a student, after having been admonished corrects himself. One who’s sickness is liable to be injurious to the students may be dismisses.

4. The school accepts no responsibility if through failure in wearing the School Uniform or failure in bringing books to class or signature of parents on remarks written by a teacher in the calendar year or on the Absence Record etc. the pupil is obliged to return home during the class hours. The school is not responsible if any untoward incident happens when the student is sent home for the above reasons. The school cannot be held responsible for the accidents, minor or serious to the pupil during their stay in the school or while taking part in sports and other co-curricular activities within or outside the school premises.

5. Any misbehavior of a serious nature that has become public knowledge is liable to bring about suspension or dismissal even though it took place off the school premises.

6. Any damage done to the school property must be made good by the pupil.

7. No magazines, papers or books other than school text books and the school diary may be brought to the school without permission of the Authorities. Parcels and letters are subject to inspection. No buying/selling of stamps, stickers, comic books etc. are allowed in the school.

8. Smoking, chewing of beetle nut, alcoholic drinks and any sort of drugs are strictly forbidden. Anyone found indulging in them is liable to be punished with expulsion from the school.

9. Pupils are responsible at all times for the safe custody of their books and belongings.

10. Cell phones are not allowed in the school premises. In case students are caught with mobile phones the same will be confiscated and not returned. 11. Students are not permitted to commute to school on two wheeler motorized vehicles.

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